September 29, 2023

Reasons To See A Podiatrist

Ankle and foot experts

Ankle and foot problems can be a result of medical conditions like diabetes or arthritis. However, still everyday situations, for example, poorly fitting shoes or overuse, may actually lead to temporary pain. You are most likely to get a more speedy diagnosis and treatment from a podiatrist. They provide a wide range of medical care of ankle, foot and lower leg. Podiatrists diagnose, treat illnesses and also perform surgery. Here are some conditions whereby a podiatrist can help restore your foot back to normal.

1. You are starting to run regularly

Many runners are prone to pains and aches like shin splints. A podiatrist can assess your body and feet to flag potential problems and also recommend specific strategies to avoid them. They can also recommend the best type of athletic shoes for your foot.

2. You have diabetes

Diabetes makes you more prone to foot problems. These problems may range from having dry skin to a severe infection. If you have diabetes, you need to have your feet examined by a podiatrist or a doctor at least once per year. Having podiatrists as part of your medical team lowers risks like amputation because of diabetes by more than 60%, studies show.

3. You feel joint aches in your ankles and feet

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions that affect most people. If your feet joints are often swollen, stiff, tender or red, see a podiatrist. Arthritis changes lead to disability and change the way feet function. A podiatrist usually suggests treatments which preserve joint health and makes it easy for you to carry out your day.

4. You have an ingrown toenail

When a toenail grows inside the skin, the nail can cause infection. Ingrown toenails often affect the big toe. If a toenail has lots of drainages or it is very red, visit a podiatry for treatment. In some situations, the doctors can remove part of the nail. Your podiatrist may prescribe prescriber medicine if that area is infected.

5. You suspect a sprain, broken bone or a sprain

Podiatrists are experts in treating sprains, strains and broken bones in the ankle or foot. They diagnose your condition and suggest treatment. They can also recommend flexible casts to help the areas heal. Trouble walking, swelling, redness, and increased foot pain following an injury are the reasons why you should see a podiatrist.

6. You require foot surgery

Mostly, surgery is the last treatment that a podiatrist recommends for many foot/ankle conditions. Should you need it, a podiatrist performs surgery on the ankle and foot. Some of the conditions which require surgery are bunions, recurring in-grown toenails and broken bones.

7. You have a bothersome callus or acorn.

Calluses and corns are some of the reasons why most people visit a podiatrist. This area which has a congested skin can be excruciating if they get too thick. A podiatry will recommend some cortisone injects so as to reduce the pain.

Source: Podiatry Bondi Guide